Wow Dadi is a leading children entertainment Co focusing on investment, copyright purchase, production, distributing and licensing in China market.

Wow Dadi is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Dadi Media Group, which has the second largest number of theaters in China.

We distributed both local and overseas IPs to CCTV, local TV stations and main VOD platforms, as well as merchandising in Chinese market.

Since its foundation in September 2017, Wow Dadi has had more than 55 animation TV series for distribution in China that include original animation, co-production, copyright-purchased projects, and exclusive representative programs. Currently, the total amount has been over 33,000 minutes



Leading digital copyright distribution team:

We consist of professionals from different areas; such as, movie and television, entertainment, and distribution. Now we have become a leading team in the industry, also brought high-quality animations to TV stations, online platforms, radio, telecom operators, etc. Our team operated Cloudbabies, Miniforce, Kit & Kate, Miffe the Moive, etc.

Abundant high-quality animations:

Now we have more than 55 imported TV animation series for distribution in China, and the total amounts have been over 33,000 minutes. In the future, we will bring more high-quality animations to Chinese kids.



Establishing brand loyalty:

We do not only put your animation on distribution platforms, also work on establishing your brand loyalty by planning and initiating series of marketing activities.

Professional animation licensing team:

The licensing department of Wow Dadi is led by specialists who used to handle problems toward copyrights of many excellent animations; such as Octonauts, Peter Rabbit TV and Movie, Miniforce, etc. There has been lots of success so far on publishing, stage show, toys, and food.

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